How can you watch your savings grow? Here are 17 Savings tips to start now!

watch your savings grow

What do you do when you go to the grocery store and do not prepare to make a grocery list?  How much money do you actually end up spending?  What about when you go out to eat with your family or friends and didn’t know that you could have saved $4.00 on your entrees?  You probably pay regular price for items and end up spending more out of pocket.  Would it be great if you could save $30-50 month on grocery, entertainment or eating out at restaurants?  In one year, if you were to save $50.00 a month on grocery, that would be a total of $600 saved.  Pretty darn fantastic!  What could you do with an extra $600 month?  I could think of a lot of things that I could do.  I love being able to save money whether it is on groceries, eating out, clothing but I also love showing others how to do the same thing for their families and communities. Below are 17 quick start ways to start saving now either with groceries, medicine, restaurant, gas (vehicle),etc.  Tell me which one you may have tried before and/or let me know if you have a special savings tip to add to the list.

Savings tip#1(Grocery) -Try to find supermarkets that will double or triple your coupons.  Consider printing free coupons here! You can always call your favorite grocery store to discuss their coupon doubling policy.  Feel free to read some of the coupon policies listed on our main page on the right side.  Click here!

Savings tip#2 (Grocery) – Stock up on your favorite items when the prices are low! ( I do this each time I go to the store.  I also stock up on seasonal items for all holidays with their clearance sales).

Savings tip#3 (Grocery) – Start to grow your own herbs and vegetables.  Consider canned vegetables or fruit to last when your favorite produce is not on sale. I love fresh foods and vegetables and believe that this can be a healthy way to obtain your produce.  Do you grow your own foods?  Ever considered a local farmer’s market? Give it a try!  Check out the Organic Resources listed on our main page (left side) by clicking here.  If you know of another resource be sure to let us know and we will list it for our readers.

Savings tip #4 (Gas) – Consider carpooling to work, school, etc.  Some states will even reimburse you if you carpool.  It is a great way to reduce the constant pollution in our environment. Take a look at these two resources for Georgia by clicking here and here.

Savings tip#5 (Gas)- Consolidate your errands!  Instead of making several trips during the week to many places and wasting gas, have you considered designating one day to make all your trips?  I definitely do this for grocery shopping.  I love going on Sunday mornings.  This way, I have spent time with the family for the weekend and still able to worship on early Sunday mornings.

Savings tip #6 (Gas)- Save money on your purchase with your local grocery.  Are you aware that you can save 10 cents a gallon with gas at Shell with your Kroger card?  If not, be sure your Shell gas station participates with Kroger savings or go to the Kroger grocery store that also sells gas. Click here to see if your city or state is listed!

Savings tip#7 (Restaurant) – Do you enjoy eating out for lunch or dinner?  Are you aware that some major restaurants have coupons that are sometimes listed in the Smart Source coupon insert of your Sunday newspaper?  I have found many coupons there for local restaurants including Olive Garden.

Savings tip#8 (Restaurant)- If you are not able to eat all of your meal, be sure to take some with you for lunch the next day.  Left overs can be great for a quick lunch.

Savings tip#9 (Restaurant)- Have you signed up to receive the newsletter of your favorite restaurant?  Sometimes there are great deals that they send their subscribers that others may not be aware of. Check out T.G.I. Friday’s by clicking here!  What about Pizza Hut?  Click here!  Did you get in on the Superbowl deal with Papa John’s?  I sure did and ordered my 1 topping pizza online with no problem and received a free Pepsi.  Click here to sign up with them.  Don’t forget to visit your favorite companies on Facebook.  Many companies are now placing coupons on their Facebook page.

Savings tip#10 (Clothing) – Buy clothing when they are on sale!  You can always check out the clearance racks for some really great deals.  Goodwill stores have some really nice bargains and sometimes you can find clothing with the tag still attached.

Savings tip#11 (Clothing) – Ever shopped at a consignment shop?  Not only can you buy really nice label items, you can also sell your items and receive a profit.  How cool is that?  These shops cover women, men, and children clothing.

Savings tip#12 (Clothing) – Save money on dry cleaning by buying wash and wear clothing.  You can easily take the money you would spend on a lot of dry cleaning and use it towards something else.

Savings tip#13 (Pet) – Make use of old blankets by using it for bedding for your pets.  Not only could it keep them warm but they will have a scent of you close by.

Savings tip#14 (Wedding) – Need a wedding gown?  Have you tried local wedding bridal gown stores that have really great sales?  You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on really great designer gowns.

Savings tip #15 (Wedding) – Save money on invitations by calling your guests, sending an email or save the date text message.  You could save hundreds of dollars.  Quick tip – Place a special area on your Facebook page for your guest to “like” your wedding invitation comment as their RSVP.  (Really creative right and very social).

Savings tip #16 (Wedding) – If you have a friend who is a photographer, consider asking them to take pictures for your special event.  You can also buy some really great disposable cameras and have guests to take pictures and leave in a special area for development.

Savings tip #17 (General) – Be patient when it comes to saving.  Never try to jump into anything drastically.  Sometimes it takes a while to develop some really great habits but if you hang in there, you can do it!

I hope you have enjoyed these 17 Savings tips from Simple Savings For ATL Moms.  Remember you can feel free to leave a new tip for our readers (you never know, your tip may help someone else).



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