Top 12 online stores to $ave for Back-to-School!

online stores

I know you are interested in finding those great Back-to-School $avings for this upcoming school year which is fast approaching. Here are our Top 10 Online Stores for your Back-to-School Savings. If you have an online store and would like to be included, be sure to email us.

Store #1 – Ebay {Woohoo!}

Ebay has a lot of great finds at reasonable or dirt cheap prices. Did you know that sometimes you can even buy in bulk?

Store #2 – JC Penny’s

I remember my mother taking me to JC Penny’s a lot when I was younger. They had some of the most wonderful items to choose from. Did your parents take you to JC Penny’s when you were younger?

Store #3 – Walmart

Who has not heard of Walmart? I have found some great deals online and even in the local stores for them. Sometimes the prices are unbelievable. I visited their store a few weeks ago and saw that they already have the back-to-school lists out for certain elementary schools and supplies are in stock!

Store #4 – Target

Everytime I see the name Target, I always think of their red circle {well, bulls eye}. Target has a lot of nice items from clothing, shoes, jewelry, food, electronics, households, gift cards, etc. I especially love the clearances they have sometimes with their back-to-school and other items in stationary that you could use for back-to-school. Do you have a local Target in your area? Do you shop their clearances?

Store #5 – Old Navy

A few weeks ago, I found out about a $1 sale on Flip flops at Old Navy. I hurried over there to find many different colors but one style. I was able to pick up at least 5 pair due to the limit but it was worth the trip. Old Navy has been around for a little while but they do have some nice casual wear clothing. What do you think about Old Navy for back-to-school shopping?

Store #6 – Aeropostale

It seems that a lot of children especially teenagers are shopping at Aeropostale. I have to admit that I do love some of their clothing especially for my teenage daughter and son. Have you ever shopped there? If so, what was the best deal you found?

Store #7 – Best Buy

Best Buy has some of the best electronics I have seen. In fact, the computer that I am typing to you own now was purchased from there. I love their sales and the fact that you can even use some of their store coupons. Do you shop at Best Buy when they have holiday sales? What do you think about their electronics?

Store #8 – Kohl’s

Kohl’s has some really great items. There are some really great coupons that they send to me in the mail to shop in their store. Have you ever visited Kohl’s and if so what do you think of their home section?

Store #9 – Sear’s

Every time I go to the mall, I enter through the Sears shopping section. What do you think about most when you hear the name Sear’s? Well, I always think about their clothing and tools. I have seen so many commercials about their tools. You know where my dad gifts now come from {smiles}.

Store #10 – Macy’s

Gotta love Macy’s! They have been around for centuries. I do love their clothing but also perfumes and makeup areas. Do you shop Macy’s for back-to-school? Have you taken advantage of any of their coupons?

Store #11 – Gap

The GAP! Really great products and I love the way they present their school uniforms. What do you enjoy the most about the Gap?

Store #12 – Banana Republic

Great store especially for College students. What do you remember the most about Banana Republic?

There are so many great online stores to shop for Back-to-School and sometimes if you plan carefully, you may not even have to leave home to shop.

Where is the best online store that you have shopped for Back-to-School?