Coupon Class Online Day #29 – Coupon Train! All Aboard!

Coupon Class Online Day #29 – Coupon Train! All Aboard!

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What is a coupon train? How can I become apart of one? Can I join the Atlanta Couponers Group?
—A coupon train is where the first person of the train sends an envelope by mail full of clipped coupons to the next member. The next member will pull out the coupons they want but replace the amount pulled out with new coupons. She/he will mail the coupons on to the next person who is on the same train list and the process will be repeated until the train reaches the first person who started the train.

—Tips on being a wonderful train participant!

*Pull out only the coupons you want but replace the amount with other great coupons.

* Mail the coupon envelope immediately onto the next person. This will prevent coupons from expiring and the coupon train participants will be able to use those great coupons.

*Sign up only for trains that you want to participant in and have product interests.

How can I become apart of a coupon train?

—I am so glad that you asked. SSFAM is starting a coupon train! Yeah!!!!! Here is what to do:

*Join Atlanta Couponers on Facebook – this will be our meet up station to check-in on where the train is, etc.

*Signup here now below to participate with the coupon train. One will start on February 3, 2013! All Aboard! What a great way to share regional manufacture coupons. We will have a lot of fun!

Coupon Train Sign-up

Coupon Train Sign-up!

All Aboard! All Aboard!! All Aboard!!!

If you need another source of regional coupons and want to participate on this great train ride, come on now. Tell your friends who use coupons to sign up quickly.

Basic Coupon Train Info: A total of 40-50 coupons will be included in a total of 1 envelope to keep postage cost to 1-2 stamps/envelope! There will be future trains for several categories:

*February 3, 2013
SSFAM Couponers – Train #1
{Max. of 10 Couponers per group 10 groups}- Hurry!

*March, 2013

*The pot is lucky

*April, 2013
*Green and Healthy Coupons

*May, 2013

*June, 2013

*July, 2013

*Personal Products

*August, 2013
*Food Only

*September, 2013

*Store Specific

November, 2013
*Opposite my life {eg. I love to coupon but I do not have any pets}

December, 2013 – Only 5 per train!
*VISs Very Important Savers{Group will put together a batch of coupons and mail to your assignment partner. Headed by a chosen Conductor only}.

The inside envelope will be marked for the categories to decrease any confusion. If you want to drop off of the lists, be sure to let me know and I will take you off the train but you are welcome to get back on the next month.

Envelope turnaround time: Maximum of 2 days but you can send out early. I will include extra stamps for the envelope to start. No need to purchase or use your own unless you feel like you want to in the beginning. Be sure to check the expiration dates before including any coupons and if you see that there are some expiring soon, please take those out and use a stamp in the envelope to send to the address provided.

Coupon information: Feel free to include manufacture and printable coupons especially if they are on the wish list. No copied printable coupons {this is illegal}. Keep a limit to the store coupons due to certain stores not available in certain areas –unless you a request on the wish list. Please do not include any coupons that will expire within 1-2 weeks. Rebates are okay if they are not state specific {read the wording carefully}.

Are you ready to get started?
Email {[email protected]} your complete name, physical address and telephone number{just in case the train gets off track, I will call you}! Subject line: “Sign me up for Train #1” Share this FREE opportunity with your friends. I will limit the first train to 10 couponers and start the other train groups as we go along this year {See the month schedule above}. Please do not signup if you are unable to completely participate. Let me repeat, do not signup if you are unable to participate completely.

Signups taken until 1/27/2013 for Train #1. I will take as many who sign up and place in group of 10s. Anyone not following the rules will be eliminated from any Coupon Train Events. Trust me, you will want to be on this train!

All Aboard the Red Train! Choo! Choo!

Quida {Conductor}

P.S. If you know you are ready to participate, be sure to start creating your wish list. Indicate which group you would like to participate in. May participate in a total of 5 groups at one time.

Example wish list:

Quida – I live in Georgia. My favorite grocery stores are Kroger and sometimes I shop at Walmart. I visit Target, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Fred’s. I love all brands. I like my coupons in sets of 6 {this covers me and my family}.

I am willing to pay for the following coupons by Paypal {eg. List any special coupons you would like to pay for}

General Categories: {under each category you can list certain coupons that you may wish.

*Chips/ Condiments

Eg. Lay’s SS 11/14/12


*Candy, Cookies, etc.

*Noodles, Sauces

*Canned Food Items

*Baking Items, Seasonings

*Plastic & Paper Items

*Household and Laundry Cleaners



*Beauty & Health Items


*Dairy and Breads


*Baby items

*Miscellaneous Categories {Restaurant Coupons, Small stickers}

If you want to list just the Coupon Insert date and certain specific coupons, you can feel free to do that.