Organization {Pantry}: How to Organize Your Food Pantry Shelf #2

Organization {Pantry}

Welcome to Week #2 of Pantry Organization!

Shelf #2!

If you have many cans or boxes of cereal, consider organizing the cans by item contents {Vegetables, Soup, etc} or expiration date.  Place the cans so that you can easily see what you have available for planning and preparing meals.  I use baskets on my 2nd shelf to hold open large bags of chips.  There is another basket on this shelf that holds any candies or gums for my children.

Savings Tools to use: Baskets, Markers, Dollar Tree Labels – Remember to look around your home first to see what you have before you go out and shop.  Do you see the Red Gold Box that is holding the Ragu Pasta Sauce, Peanut Butter, Ice cream topping and Pringles?  It separates my can goods and baskets on my second shelf.

Shelf #2

Happy Organizing,


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