13 Weeks to be more Frugal!


It is always nice to be able to use coupons to save but what about just being plain frugal! I spend a lot of my time helping others find unique ways to save for education, cars, new homes, extra cash, pay off loans, etc. I have decided that for the next 13 weeks I will be providing a challenge for you to become more frugal! You are more than welcome to grab an envelope or a piggy bank to place any savings. I will be providing a $5 Paypal Cash giveaway reward each week for the person with the best frugal method! Be careful because each week, there could be an additional prize added with the $5 Paypal prize.  You do not have to be from the USA to play. I have fans all over the world.

Object of this game

To urge yourself and your family to find savings and live the Frugal life!

Each Wednesday, I will post the Frugal Topic challenge. The challenge will run from Wednesday to Tuesday for the next 13 weeks. You can post your entries until Tuesday Midnight, EST.  You will come to my blog and review what product you are to find savings on and become more frugal.  You may want to create your shopping trip in a separate document so that you don’t have to type it twice. I will be reading every single comment and viewing your savings. I will be creating your entry number each week so you don’t have to do it! You will see it in your comment when I leave a response to your comment. Make sure your name and email is submitted with each entry. The winning entry number will be shared in my VIP email. At the end of the 13 weeks, all winning entries will go into a drawing for a secret surprise! I love surprises!

Ready to get started?  Let’s go and remember to have fun!
Fun Rules:
{11 tasks to complete}
1.Product Budget for the week!
2. Name the store(s) you used!
3. Total Out of your pocket!
4. List each item bought
5. Coupons I used to help me with the cost!
6. Discounts this week!
7. Rewards or bonus points used!
8.Total spent on product!
9. Any additional details about the product!
10. Review what you learned about your frugal habits for the week. Are there any changes that you would make for the next challenge or the next time you shop?
11.Don’t forget to post it during the specified week.

*Note: I am not looking for super champion savers. This is an opportunity for everyone to start frugal living and have fun. Share your savings tips as this can help others who are trying to learn. Share this challenge with others who are working on being frugal. I will post some helpful tips to get you going. *The winner will be announced in my VIP email. Are you subscribed? You must have subscribed and confirmed in order to see who has won.  *Limit of 1 entry per person, per challenge but you can enter all of the frugal challenges each week. Everyone has a shot at winning.

Week 1 Topic ~ Groceries!!!!

Set your family budget for the week and let’s go shopping for groceries. What would you normally buy? Don’t forget your purchases for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There are many grocery stores you can choose to shop and use coupons for and remember while shopping, be frugal and find those savings. Don’t forget to come back to this post and leave your comment.