10 Quick Weight Loss Tips

10 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Are you working on quick weight loss tips for the summer? What are some changes that you are making in your everyday food choices? Are you having trouble deciding what is healthy and what is not? Well, I am going to share with you 10 Quick Weight Loss tips to get you started on your goals.

Weight Loss Tips1.Talk with your doctor about what is your ideal body weight and how many calories you should have per day. Try an online calorie calculator.

2. Think what vegetables and fruits you love in order to eat 5 per day.

3. Learn how to read the food label. Start to slowly cut back on your portion sizes (If a bag of chips has 2 servings, consider eating 1 serving today and the other tomorrow or share with someone).

4.  Try not to miss any meals. Start with eating smaller portions and avoid 3 large meals per day. Try to break up the meals into 5-6 smaller sizes (with healthy and reasonable food selections).

5.  Don’t restrict yourself to foods that you love. Consider reducing the serving sizes or choose healthier alternatives.

6.  Eat more healthy foods. Take a look at the ingredients to what you are eating daily. Can you pronounce the ingredients? Do you know what they all mean? Well if not, educate yourself and if you find something that is unhealthy, consider choosing a healthier alternative.

7.  Avoid high sugary drinks and foods. These drinks can have very high sugar contents and can be loaded with high calories.  A natural source of sugar can be found in fruits. Have you ever thought of juicing?

8. Track what you eat. Think about what you ate on yesterday for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Did you have any snacks?  Consider creating a food diary or chart to see exactly what you are putting into your mouth on a daily basis. Now, look again after a couple of days or so to see what can be decreased or substituted?

9.  Find an exercise that is fun for you. Could it be golf (not just riding in the golf cart to each hold but walking), Hip hop abs ( I do this one and it is fun.  Even children can do it with you.), walking in the park, bicycle riding, gym meet ups and work outs. Ever considered finding a buddy to work out with you.

10. Locate your support system.  Is it your medical doctor, family member, friend, fitness group, coach, etc. No matter who you find, having a support system can help you reach your goals.

Happy Weight Loss,


Disclaimer: As with all weight loss programs or discussions here at SSFAM, you should always talk to your doctor about what is right for you.