How to: Get cute summer French nail tips

French nail tips

What do you think about this color for nails during the Summer? Check out this How to get cute nail tips below.  I do like fingernail polish and thought I would show you what product I used to paint my nail tips this week and give you just a few steps.

nail tips

nail tips

Step #1. Manicure your nails { use nail polish remover to remove any old nail polish, clip the nails down to the length you would like and file the ends of your nails to remove any sharp edges}.

Step #2.  Wash your hands to remove any residue from all the clipping and filing.

Step #3.  Apply a clear invisible base coat.  The one I used was Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat.

Step #4. Apply nail polish to tips.  I used the L’Oreal Club Prive 105.

Step #5. Let the nail polish dry and then apply another clear base coat on top as in step #3.

Step #6. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes or longer.

I received so many compliments on this style and will share my other designs.  My nails usually grow pretty long but I keep that at a reasonable length.

Happy Healthy Nails,

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P.S. When was the last time you painted your own nails?  How much would you save this week if you did your own manicure this week? What would you do with the money you saved?

*I was not compensated on this tutorial! I just simply love the product.

Social Media Response:  L’Oreal

@savingsatlmoms Love how they turned out – such a fun look!
— L’Oreal Paris USA (@LOrealParisUSA) May 15, 2013