Top 5 Ways to Blast Your Kids to Success in a New Year!


It is 2014! I am excited to git rid of the old and get focused on my new goals for this New Year! Have you started to think about what you want to accomplish this year? My kids are creating their 2014 Resolution lists today. One of the goals that my 16 year old daughter mentioned was, “Reach high, Dream Big . . .” I do believe if you set your goals high, you can achieve many great things. What goals does your children have this year?

Blast Your Kids
The following 5 Ways may help Blast your kids to success in the year 2014:

1. Be an example

One thing as a parent is to be an example for your children. If you can set your own goals and work hard at reaching them, it would amaze you when you see your children working towards their goals to achieve them. My son literally comes to tell me what he is working on and what he hopes to gain personally after the goal is achieved.

2. Teach them how to find savings

We all want our kids to be financially responsible when they are older but how can they when we ourselves are in debt and stressed out about paying bills. Make this year your year to get out of debt and reorganize your finances. Consider taking the SSFAM 52 Week Money Challenge. What could you do with an extra $1,378 at the end of 2014 for your children? This could be a great resource to start their own savings account. Teach them ways on how their savings can grow.

3. Show them how to be more organized

How often do you wish your child was more organized? Well, it is easy to say that you want that for your child but how about showing them. If your home is unorganized, consider removing clutter and unnecessary papers. Help your child organize their room, closets and school backpacks. Right now there are sales on holiday storage bins. Consider using bins or items that you already have at home or purchase reasonable items from stores like the Dollar Tree or other Dollar stores. I visited a Dollar Tree close to me recently and saw that they have a selection of storage bins and organization items for only $1.00 plus they can be color coordinated.

4. Teach them how to choose healthy foods

healthy foodsI try to choose and cook healthy meals several days of the week but I have a day where I eat what I want. I do teach my children how to eat healthy and why certain foods are needed in their bodies. Show your child what foods are considered healthy for them and what foods to avoid especially if they have certain health conditions.

  1. Reduce activity time on social media

Family time is important and I have found that cooking family meals and just taking some time to talk with my children can get them away from so much time on their computers and other electronic devices. I reduce my time on social media even though I blog every single day. Be an example for your children on how they can reduce time on other things and get more involved with family activities. After all, how else are they going to know more about who you are.

I hope you have found some of the above tips helpful for helping your child succeed this year. Share your New Year’s Resolutions with me. I would love to see them. Here are mine.

Now it’s your turn:

Tell me some ways you are helping your children this year Blast to Success this year.

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